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    February 10, 2019
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PROMOTION The ex-files: preventing nancial claims from a former partner fi Often hearing from an ex-partner when you thought the relationship was in the past brings with it an element of stress. When they crop up out of nowhere demanding money, that stress is mutiplied. atisesactly what Olvia faced when she eeceived a letter trom herex partner's solicitor out of the blue Heelaimed that becausehe which wascapable of giving rise to him havinga sulbstantial interest in Olivias property. Ifthis claim had been successful had helped to renovate a house when they were still together that he was entitled to a share of theproperty-despite the act that Oliva had paid for all of the materials, they weren't even living oogether when he did the work and the property being in Olivias sole name "Wihen 1 got thas lecter I was in complete shock. I hadn't spoken to my ex for years and as farasl wasconcerned we had both moved on,"says lvia That letter wasthe start ofa dispute that lasted over a year. Thankfully I paid for all ofthe materials used in the renovation and kept detailed receipts. Ifi hadn'tdone that Olivlaagrees: "IfI can help prevent just one definitely wouldn't have been able to argue his financial claim down as much as Idid explains Olivia This kind ofclaim is not unusual accoeding Oliviawould have had no choice but to sell her peoperty and ghe a significant proporton of the proceeds to her ex,says Charisse However, these is something peoplecan do to protect themseves. Acohabitation agreement offiers proeection kr unmarried couples. will set out your intention for things like finances and property if you split up or one of you dies It isparticulazly important if theee is a property, a business or other wealth involved. Acohabitation agreement can aso save a significantamount of legal costs should a dispute arise," adds Charisse. person from going through what Idid, that will be worth it. It really was horrendous. A cohabitation agreement may not be romantic, but it is definitely advisable and coukd save you a lot of heartache and money Sowhat does the futare hold for Olivia now? It was a really tough period of my life, but Charisse Crawford a partner at Stephens Scown who specialises in cohabitation and advised Olivia on her dispute. Where soeneone has imested money, or money's worth during a relationship, thereIwas fortunate to have great legal advice, could be a basis foracdaim Because he did theeenovation work and made some contributlons towards Civia's peoperty he argued he had a'money's worth' caim. brilliant support from my family and my new partner. Werecently got engaged and I'm looking forward to a fresh start and an eciting new chapeer in my life. Charose Crawford 6 a partw at Stephens Scowinterhertance and trust dsputes team. Sheshighghtod i, Legal 500. an independent quide to the best lawyers and law firms 01392 210700 email or visit