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    March 3, 2019
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PROMOTION Relocating with children atter divorce What happens when a divorcee with chidren wants to relocate? Mark Smith, a leading family lawyer who specialses in cases invoving children explains the issues. that your children maintain their relationshlp with their otherparen A useful starting point can be to put yourself in the other parent's shoes and think what would helpher parent, then again it is make the change more accepcable important to seek early advice to them. SEEKING TO PREVENT relocate after a divorce. But A RELOCATION when children are inwolved a If you want to prevent your children moving with theis court will have to consider your application based on what is in their best inserests Relocating to Newcastle oe New Zealand: it makes no difference. Seeking to relocate with chidren in the UKis dealt with in the same way as ifyou wanted to move abroad. as you may need to makean You will need to think about the practicalities of how you make contact work. Depending on the distances involved weckend visits may not be possible, so you may urRent application to the court You will also need toconsider if, as an alternative, you wish to put yourself forward to care for You may be planning to relocate, or hoping to prevent your spouse doing so. I have helped hundreds of people in both situations and my advice is always that it is crucial to plan early. If a Court application is needed, it is stions and Apps that can help important to make an application divoeced and separated lamilies in good time due to pressure omnage logisties. Soeme of the best the family justice system other parent has more time with the children during halfterms and bolidays. In addition, it will be helpful to think through the same kind of issues as discussed above. tis also worth thinking creanively. Namely: schooling, healthcare There are several new technologyand how to maintain the children's relationship with the parent who is moving. My approach is always to find ways to reduce conflict and, where possible, find a solution Apps include shared calendars cakulators to keep trackof espenses and even journals sothat In my experience thinking information can be shared easily PLANNING TO RELOCATE Ifyou would like to relocate witlh your children, the kind of matters you shoald be looking into inclade schooling, healthcare provision and crucially how you will ensure things through carefully and Technology can alsohep keep beng clear about your plan children connected to parents who removes many unknowns are fa them a bed time story for example. r awayg, allowing them to read which are often a source of conflict. Mark Smith is a partner in the famly seam at Stephens Scown specialsing in matters that relate to chldren Recognised as loader in his feld by Chambers UK, Mark is reguarly appointed by CAFCASS to represent children in complex caro prooooogs and dsoms between poorts, ohon with an nornationa oorne