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    July 23, 2018
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PROMOTION YORKSHIRE i YORKSHIRE YORKSHIRE TEA YORKSHIRE aste KSHIRE TEA YORKSHRE TEA YORKSHRE Yo asteL ste Dementia care and the Brewtopia moment arguethat ahealthy cuture is the best We only have to look at the exodusof WORKING IN BREWTOPIA One of my favourite ads is a recent predictor of consistently good care. unior Doctors from the NHS to see TV ad by Yorkshire Tea. When a worker drops apiece ofpaper on the TOPPING UP THE BATTERY factory floor he is corrected by one Dementia Care is emotional labour pay and conditions that match their of his colleagues saying "we don't where we ask carers to give of extraordinary commitment do things like that around here. WE themselves day after day. Like a do things PROPER" This is what a battery that is drained, eventually THE KILLER QUESTION. healthy culture looks like. what happens when we do not back up our expressions of devotion with the battery is empty, it has nothing leftto give. To some extent, a healthy culture within a care homecan help Next time you visit a care home (or any health and care stablishment). ask staff how they feel about their pay ROLLING BALLS UP THE HILL AND MAKING YOGHURT duce this drain and most carers and conditions. Their face will tell The benefits of a bealthy culture are fid thacaring is atwo waypocess. youall you need to know. enormous and establishing such a But it is not enough and carers have culture is like rolling a heavy ball up lives outside the care home. a steep hill i cantake many many years depending on your starting KEEPING OUR SIDE point. But once it is established it OF THE BARGAIN is largely self perpetuating, as any Good pay and conditions are essential Pr de Groot princDenti home yoghurt makerwill know.Ifyou it simply is not realistic or fair to Don which operats the Coffge and Lodge empty out half the yoghurt and refll expectcarers to respectand promote communties for people itwith milk itwill make new yoghurt. other people's dignity day after day ing with Deen Similarlyinacarehome. new staffwill ifthey cannot themselves live with quickly absorbthe healthy culture-or dignity. Good pay backs up our theywill quickly leave. While policies expressions of appreciation for the and procedures, regulations, and valuable contribution that carers training all have their role, I would make, it keeps ourside of the bargain Genmens20 dscdc Rose Lodge, 2 tsca Road, Exmouth, Devon EXB 2E2 01395 Blog & dementia info: CareQuality Outstanding Commission 2016

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