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    December 16, 2018
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PROMOTION Don't ever put me in a care nhome The perceived wisdom is that we should all live at home for as long as possible, but quite how long is as long as possible' for people with dementia? he Daily Telegraph reported on 11 April that elderly patients ssuck in hospital bedsareageing of an environment that continuously supports people that are confused. and then steadily increase theirvisits as they make friends and their dementia progresses. And at some stage they may decide to just stay among friends and 10 years in 10 days. None of us at Rose THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL Lodgeweresurpeised bythis revelaion, The percelved wisdom is that people this becomes a relatively easy decision particularlyas it relatesto peopleliving are always better off staying in their and a gentle transition with dementia. It confirms our own own home for as long as possible and experiencethat peoplewho joinusafter while this makes sense intuitively, in YOUR LAST HOME. a bospital stay are significantly more practice the strived-for independence Rose Lodge provides a social club, day progressedin their dementiathanthey so often results in social isolatio care, respite care, and two residential were before their hospital stay, often without the support and stimulation communities for peoplelivingwith the with permanently reducedmobility and that enables people with dementia to different stages of dementia. For mos increased levels of confusion. This is ead meaningful lives Confusion feeds of our residents Rose Lodge is their las not the hosptalt. However much on confusion and a rapidly downward home they try toprovide adementia friendly spiral often results in a crisis followed environment,the systemised provision byatay in hospitalandasharpdropin YES WE ARE DIFFERENT! of healthcare will always take priorty quality of life and life expectancy For people living with dementia the typical hospital is a bewildering pace THE WISDOM OF ACTING EARLY and such stays should be avoided as Ofcourse most of us feel that we want Peter deGroot is a principal at Dementia much as possible. The question is how? to stay in our own homes as long as Care Devon which operates the Come and see foryourself.We'll puat the kettle on.. possible. Most of the people who live Cottage and Lodge at Rose Lodge, two WHY DO PEOPLE WITH DEMENTIA at Rose Lodge felt just like that. What small communities for people living GO TO HOSPITAL? On the whole people with dementia being in a community where they canr de Geoor is a prinepar et Deenta C don't end up in bospital because of be active and sociable, A place that Devon which operaties e Coffage an Lod the type of medical conditions that enhances their independence rather e Lode heo hospitals specialise in. More oten than reduces it, where they can stay than not a hospital stay comes about in touch with their Eamily, where they because peopleare unsable to look after feel safe and loved. Many people join themselves well enough at home. A us relatively early in their dementia, simplefall poor matrition and hygiene. perhaps just for a couple of hours a getting lost outside, and the absence week to join the choir or an art class, theyfoundthough is that they enjoyed with Dementia. communties for peopl vin with D 20 Gold Awar Rose Lodge, 2 tsca Road, Exmouth, Devon EX8 2EZ 01395227071 CareQuality Outstanding Commission 2016

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