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    April 7, 2019
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PROMOTION Care Model in dementia care homes There are a number of care models for people with dementia living in a care home -which one would you choose? ot so many years ago there quite like to stay in one of those places lives is still not widely accepted but used to bea standard model myself for a while, much like I enjoy our own experience shows that this is of care in care homes, which staying in all-inclusive beach resort the reality for many of our residents. can best be summarised as for a while. I do wonder how long it In a community based model the staff takes before the pleasure starts to wear are neither in charge nor at the beck by a one size fits all' approach where fl though, My personal limit for the andcall ofresidents, Rather it is a fluid the staff are very much in charge all-inclusive resortistwo weeks and twoway relationship between equals and the residents are encouraged to start getting fidgety after the first. Then with deep respect for each other. It is be passive recipients of care, Stff want to go homse and do something also a place where people can live full typically wear uniforms, badges meaningfal. For people withdementia livesand pursue theirinterests inside and all the other paraphernalia f Ican imagine that after a while they the home and inthe wider community Such a place offers a wide range of purposeful and leisure activities either individually or with others, cl place where such asgardening,joiningachoir or a casualsingalong, walking, art classes all seen them on TV, soul-less places beoble can live itness, TaiChi, a well stockedlibrary playingchess or other games, puzzles seated in chairs all around the edgesfull lives andand quizzes, trips to the theatre and art exhibitions, wreath laying at remembrance day, a hair and beauty salon, and the opportunity to make interests inside yourselfa cup of tea anda sandwich, to prepare meals and set authoeity. The managementstructalso want to'go home is top down and staff are task focused and work on the dock. The answer to most questions by residents is 'no, We have with dreary déoor, and the residents of the room-asleep. Unfortunately they still exist and I cannot imagine these places. For those people who have the the home anhetble and eacertainfriends and luxury of choice,there are a number family. in the wider of more innovative models emerging that offer people a much better quatity of life. One such model is the 5-star hotel' model where the residents are pampered with uxury rooms and fittings (T have actually seen onewith is based on the idea that many people around you. gold bath taps), glamorous lounges want to live full and meaningful lives gourmet meals by Michelin chefs, a in a smallcommunity with other like here is such aplace. Comeand vis full spa of course, and staff that is at minded people, lhe idea that people us-we are different. the beckand call ofresidents. I would with dementia can live meaningful Sach a place makes you feel safe and loved, that you are amongst friends, that you belong in this community andthat yourlife matters to the people There is a third model of care that 20 Bodde war Rose Lodge, 2 tsca Road, Exmouth, Devon EX8 2E2 01395227071 CareQuality Outstanding Commission 2016

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